DAOBet (ex. DAO.Casino) Token Swap Has Begun: Time to Claim BET Tokens
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DAOBet (ex. DAO.Casino) Token Swap Has Begun: Time to Claim BET Tokens

Bitcoin Press ReleaseHaving created a blockchain entirely dedicated to the online iGaming market, DAOBet now allows the token holders to switch their ERC-20 assets to the custom built mainnet.

13th November 2019, Singapore: With the online gaming industry growing, blockchain technology offers all of the characteristics that any gambler could want – speed, efficiency, and tools like smart contracts all work in harmony to give a frictionless experience to players, both new and old. The uses of the blockchain do not stop there, however – for operators, affiliates, and game developers, the DAOBet blockchain can be used as a base to mount new games – the only limitation in the imagination.

DAOBet Mainnet

Blockchain technology brings many advantages to the iGaming market, with transparency and safety at the top of the list. For game operators, players, and affiliates, a secure, transparent environment is paramount to the growth of the industry and incentivizing more exciting and innovative ways of playing, between all parties. To this end, DAOBet has announced its own custom-built blockchain ecosystem. The decentralized iGaming service provider has used the EOS blockchain as its basis and has tweaked the code to provide:

  • Blazing Fast Transactions: With a latency of 1 second per transaction and the ability to execute 3,000 transactions per second, iGaming just got a whole lot easier.
  • Scalability: Using an innovative deterministic block finality through the use of sequential block confirmation, the DAOBet mainnet will not get congested over time as user load increases.
  • Secure: With a minimum of 100 validators, the network secures itself against hackers and malicious parties. The difficulty to gain access to such a large number of nodes simultaneously means data is extremely difficult to alter.
  • Provably Fair: DAOBet’s provably fair model uses Signidice RNG Verification, which has been certified by Gaming Laboratories International, a globally recognized authority body for the iGaming and gambling industry.
  • Customizable: DAOBet’s customizable ecosystem allows users to create their very own games, which they can play with other users. Now, with DAOWallet, managing resources for those games has never been easier

To offer the best iGaming experience, DAOBet is shifting its token from Ethereum based ERC-20 to its native, BET tokensand with this, DAOBet will no longer offer support to the ERC-20 tokens in the near future. The mainnet will be fully operational soon and users will be able to utilize their native tokens on the DAOBet ecosystem to create, host and bet on different games. Holders of the ERC-20 tokens can convert their assets through the following easy steps:

  1. Create or login to the DAOWallet here.
  2. If creating the wallet for the first time, enter your email, use the validation password sent to the email, and create a personal CODE (instead of password) and recovery phrase.
  3. Users will be asked to convert to the native blockchain the amount of ERC-20 BET  tokens.
  4. Press the Receive button to get the receiving address. This is where the ERC-20 based tokens need to be sent to. For ease of use, the wallet will also provide a QR code.
  5. After the tokens are sent and confirmation is received, press the Convert button to start the conversion of their ERC-20 tokens to the native ones. The operation requires gas so it is advised to have enough ETH for the transaction in the wallet.
  6. Users will be asked to enter the amount of ERC-20 tokens they wish to convert to the native blockchain. Select the required amount and press the Convert confirmation button at the bottom. Users will receive a pop up informing them that their conversion has been successfully completed.

DAOWallet offers customers the ability to receive payouts in real-time, meaning that making gains and having fun at the same time has never been a more realistic possibility. As DAOWallet allows users to trade their BTC, ETH, BET, and ERC-20 compatible assets directly with each other and add other tokens, moving money in and out of the DAOBet ecosystem has never been more simple. DAOWallet even allows users the ability to stake their tokens and take part in the community voting process.

DAOWallet is surely set to change the way we play forever. Get your very own DAOWallet by visiting this link today!

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Contact Name: Aleksandra Fetisova
Contact Emaila@dao.casino

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Contact Name: Anna Sheglova
Contact Email: shega@dao.casino

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