Overall Rating


The concept is brilliant and might just be the next big thing if it is able to create enough awareness about it. It can be the social revolution we might be looking for or the first real opportunity to do away with middle-men in insurance industry. Read through the concept on our ICO Detail page and explore.

Team Strength

The team seem to be people who know what is required. I am impressed by how the team is well displayed with their LinkedIn profile linked in. I browsed through all the linked profiles and I can say that what I saw was impressive. I give this team a 5 on 5.

Over Promise

They have a market cap that will make you smile. They have a realistic goal in mind and they are not trying to go beyond their vision when it comes to collect money. No red flags here.

Clear Business Plan

Okay, they have a plan but there are too many variables. The opposition from Insurance industry will be a factor. There is also a question of how many markets can it get into. Can it invade Asian market? I doubt it. That said, I will not question the concept, maybe just the opposition it might face makes me think.

Complete Information

Yes. The information is detailed and laid out clearly. This is surely a well planned ICO.

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