Market Coin

Overall Rating


Yes, there is a concept but I do not see the “big idea” behind what they are planning to do. It is run of the mill idea that offers little new.

Team Strength

No idea about the team. They have no one listed in their team. The chances of an ICO going dark is high when you do not have the face of business.

Over Promise

What promise? Their information is so scant and sketchy that we cannot even find out what it promises.

Clear Business Plan

I wish I had some idea what their business plan is. All they have is a website and that too just in name.

Complete Information

You have a whitepaper which is just as complete as the brilliant wall street thriller I am about to write. They have nothing to say, it seems. Their ICO is ongoing and their countdown says that it is to begin in 7 hours? Does it reset every midnight? Do they even look at the information they have put in?

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