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Overall Rating


It is more like an IPO than an ICO and the concept seems to be funding the pre-existing exchange.

Team Strength

The team is not shown on their website and it is something that does not instill much confidence. This is a big red flag!!!

Over Promise

Although they seem to have things worked out but their promise is huge.

TWEX Tokens offer a myriad of revenue streams that will be divided with all TWEX Holders:

  • 1.15 % of Sales-Revenues of all companies listed on the Exchange,
  • 30 % of all of our profits derived from fund raising activities,
  • 30 % of all of our profits derived from the sale and licensing fees of our proprietary secured ID verification device the TWAL. TWAL uses thumbprint, facial and a proprietary algorithm to verify ID before granting access to wallets, bank accounts, cards, etc… (Please insert a picture here),
  • 10 % of our profits used to buy back TWEX Tokens at market rate

Such precise promise is a good indicator but there is always a question about how things will get executed.

Clear Business Plan

Their business plan is clear and well defined.

Complete Information

The information is not very well presented and only surface information is given. Not even a proper Whitepaper.

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