Overall Rating


The concept is solid. It has the potential to become either a full blown stock exchange or alternatively a full blown bank. Riding on Block-chain technology to build on brick and mortar successes is a surefire way to play safe and yet, innovate. This is where it makes a lot of sense.

Team Strength

The team seems to be well balanced. There is enough blend of energy and experience in the team and with the exception of a couple of people on the team everyone has the company listed on their LinkedIn profile. Their track record seems to be okay and we find the team capable and involved.

Over Promise

100M hard cap is a huge amount. While it is quite easy to get this big an market there is a question mark to companies that are raising such huge amounts and how they will be handling it. It is actually creating a big portfolio, the issue is in using it and getting return on it. Talking about 6.5-12% yield is a tough job. The promise seems unrealistic.

Clear Business Plan

Their business plan is clear and it can be a good concept to work with I am a little skeptic about the sheer size of the job that they are taking up.

Complete Information

Some information is missing and some information is not really backed by a clear breakdown. But, it just might be me. There is a lot of information so I am guessing they are not averse to giving out information.

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